The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Faridoonji Jamshedji, (Nawab Faraidoon Jang Bahadur)

Faridoonji Jamshedji, (Nawab Faraidoon Jang Bahadur), C.I.E., (1903), Political Secretary, Hyderabad (D); e.s. of the late Dr. Jamsheciji; b. 1849; gained the esteem of the late Sir Salar Jang by the energy and ability with which he conducted the Bombay System of Survey in the State of Hyderabad; appointed First Talukdar of Aurangabad, 1883; Survey Settlement Commissioner, 1884; was Private Secretary to the late Sir Salar Jang, and his ; was one of the two that represented the State of Hyderabad at the Parliamentary enquiry in connection with the Deccan Mining Scandal; appointed Political Secretary to the Government of Hyderabad. Recreations: riding, and shooting. Address: Saifabad, Hyderabad (D), India.