The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Frazer, Robert Watson

Frazer, Robert Watson, B.A., L.L.D., M.R.I.A., Assistant Collector and Magistrate, Madras; educ.; Trinity College, Dublin, (Associate in Engr. R.C.S.I.); entered service, 1877; Assistant Collector and Magistrate, Ganjam, 1877; Justice of the Peace, 1879; employed in the Parlakimidi Estate, 1881; Engineer and Manager, Parlakimidi, 10th January to 21st February, 1882; Acting Deputy Director of Revenue Settlement in charge of No. II Party, N. Arcot, from 20th June 1884; Special Assistant to the Collector, N. Arcot, for Settlement purposes, 20th June 1884; retired, 1886. Address: c/o India Office, London,