The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Gir Raj Singh, Rao of Kuchese

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Gir Raj Singh, Rao of Kucheser; b. 1873; educ; Meerut College; succeeded to hereditary title, 1898; is a descendant of a family who came from Mandhwi, Rohtak district, about 300 years ago, and settled in Bulandshahr and Moradabad; the first to bear the title of “Rao” was Magui Ram who obtained it from Najib-ud-Doula. Rao Magni Ram died in 1786 leaving seven sons. But his brother, Ramdhan Singh, managed to obtain possession of the estate and died in 1816 leaving the property to his son, Fateh Singh. Eventually the property was taken possession of by Gulab Singh who reendred excellent service to the British in the Mutiny of 1857 and received as his reward, land assessed at Rs. 7083. The estate comprises 46 villages, and shares in 14 others in Bulandshahr and Meerut districts. Title recognised, 1903. Address: Kuchesar, Bulandshahr, U.P., India.