The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Goldingham, John Dalrymple

Goldingham, John Dalrymple, Retired District and Sessions Judge; entered service, 27th July 1853: student at the College, 8th September 1853; Passed in Telugu 13 September 1853; Passed in Tamil 14th February 1855; Assistant Collector and Magistrate Salem, 25th April 1855 to 27th January 1856; acted in various places and in various capacities including that of Sub-Judge, Madura till 8th December 1862; Judge of the Court of Small Causes, Madura, 1st July 1862; Justice of the Peace, 6th January 1864; Ag. Civil Sessions Judge, Madura, 16th February to 20th March 1864; Furlough to Europe, 14th August 1865 to 13th August 1868; Ag Civil and Sessions Judge, Madura, 13th October 1868; Acted in other places till 1873 and again proceeded to Europe on furlough till 25th March 1876; Returned and was posted to Nellore, 20th December 1880; Transferred to Bellary as Ag. District and Sessions Judge 7881; confirmed in Bellary, April 1882. Address: c/o India Office, London.