The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Gondall, Thakur Sahib of; H.H. Sir Bhagvat Singhji Sagramji

Gondall, Thakur Sahib of; H.H. Sir Bhagvat Singhji Sagramji, G C.S.I. (1897), LL.D. (Edin). D.C.L. (Oxon), M.D. (Edin); s, of late Chief Sagramji II; b. 1865. succeeded, 1869; educ; at the Rajkumar College; proceeded to Europe where he devoted himself to a study of administrative work; joined Edinburgh University, distinguished himself in Science. and devoted special attention to surgery and medicine; accompanied the Rani Sahiba to Europe for medical treatment; joined the Edinburgh University and passed the M.B., C.M., and M.D. examinations; also passed the examination for the Membership and Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh; returned to India with the Rani Sahiba, via, the United States, Japan, China, Australia, and Ceylon, 1893; appointed delegate to the Indian Medical Congress, Calcutta, by the Royal College of Edinburgh, 1894; elected Honorary Vice-President, 8th International Congress of Hygiene, Budapesth, 1894; Vice-President, Indian Medical Association; Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society of Edinburgh; attended the Coronation of Tsar Nicholas at Mascow, 1896; the Diamond Jubilee of late Empress Victoria, 1897; is an able administrator, and has introduced many salutary reforms in the administration of his State; has constructed the Bhavanagar-Gondal, the Gondal-Porbandar, the Jallesar-Rajkot Railways; remitted a sum of 13 lakhs to his ryots on the occasion of the Coronation Durbar; maintains 108 schools at a cost of Rs. 75,000; and a travelling dispensary in his State; claims descent from Kumbaji I, founder of the State; family crest, is a belt and sword with ‘Gondal’ engraven thereon; family naotto, is Sajiyancha Satiyan, meaning, “Ready and True”; area of the State, 1024 square miles; population, 170,000; revenue, one lakh. Publications: “journal of a visit to England”, and “A short history of Aryan Medical Science”. Address: Gondal, Kathiawar, Bombay Presy, India.