The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Gupta, Balkrishna Atmaram

Gupta, Balkrishna Atmaram, Rai Bahadur, F.Z.S., Govt. Anthropologist., b, 1851; educ: at Thana, Bombay, and London; Has been Deputy Minister and Member of Council, Indore State; was Official Delegate of the Bombay Govt. at the Indian and Colonial Exhibition, London; was Assistant Director of Ethnography and Assistant Secretary, Victoria Memorial Trustees; travelled the whole of India including Burma and Baluchistan; visited Great Britain; Honorary Member, Bombay Fine Arts Society; Member, Royal Agricultural Society, London. Publications: “Industrial Arts of Poona, Nasik and Thana”, “Agricultural Chemistry and Geology”, “Deshi Sunnar”, “Position of Women in India”, “Modi Script”, etc. Address: Thana, near Bombay; also Indian Museum Calcutta, India.