The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Gyan Singh

Gyan Singh, better known as Ganga Singh, V.C. (1914), Havildar, 57th Rifles, Indian Army; Guleria Rajput; s. of Gopal Singh of Tika Badiale Cakhli, in the Fatehpur, Nurpur, Kangra District; belongs to a family of cultivators settled in the lands of Hon’ble Rai Bahadur Bakshi Sohanlal of Lahore; proceeded to the seat of war with his regiment and greatly distinguished him self for his gallantry and won V.C. the first instance of an Indian gaining that much coveted honor; himself and 15 men of his regiment were attacked in their trenches by the Germans; soon a hand-to-hand struggle ensued in which he shot the German Officer whose bullet grazed his head; at once Gyan Singh took the sword of the German Officer and killed ten more, but found himself forced to desist owing to a bullet in his foot; was the only survivor of his party; received 5 bullet wounds in the leg, the chest, one in each hand and one on the scalp; honoured by Emperor George V by a conversation at the time of granting the Victoria Cross.