The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Hameed Ullah Khan, M. Sarbuland Jang

Hameed Ullah Khan, M., Al-Haj ul-Ulma Nawab Sarbuland Jang Bahadur, M.A., Chief Justice, Hyderabad (D); b. 1864; is the first student to join the M.A.O. College, Aligarh, on the day of its opening; was presented to late Sir W. Muir, 1875, and the Earl of Lytton, 1877; proceeded to England, was coached by the famous house of Wren and Gurney; joined Christ’s College, Cambridge, and Lincoln’s Inn, London; called to Bar, 1881; Attache to late Earl of Northbrook, 1884; represented the India Office in the Congress of Orientalists held at Vienna, 1886; returned to India and began practice at Allahabad; took a prominent part in founding a hostel for the Muhammadan students of the Muir Central College; owned and edited the Allahabad Review; appointed Judge of the High Court. Hyderabad, 1894; became Chief Justice of the same Court; elected as a member of the Aligarh M.A.O. College Fund Committee, 1819; reelected, 1911; proceeded to England and had the rare honor of an audience with the Emperor. Address: Hyderabad (D), India.