The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Hannyngton, Frank

Hannyngton, Frank, M.A., I.C.S. Commissioner, Coorg; educ: at the Trinity College, Dublin; joined service as Assistant Collector and Magistrate, 1891; Assistant Secretary to Government, 1903; Private Secy, to Governor, 1904; services placed at the disposal of the Govt. of India (Deptt. of Commerce and Industry), 1906; Ag. Postmaster-General, same year; Confirmed, 1907; On special duty in the Madras Collector’s Office on 4th and 5th April 1912; Temporary Deputy Secretary to Government, 6th to 17th April 1912; Ag Collector, Madras, 19th, April 1912; Commissioner, Coorg, 15th November 1912. Address: Mercara, Coorg, India.