The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Hewett, Sir John Prescott

Hewett, Sir John Prescott, C.I.E. (1891), K.C.S.I. 1907; G.S.C.I. (1911). Lieutenent-Governor, U.P. India; e.s. of Rev. John Hewett; b. at Barham, 1854; educ: at Winchester, Balliol College, Oxford; joined I.C.S. in Bengal, 1877; m. Ethel Charlotte, 2nd d. of H. B. West; was employed in the N.W. Provinces till 1889; Under Secretary, Government of India (Home Deptt), 1886; Private Secretary to Governor General, 1880 and 1890; Deputy Secretary, Government of India (Home deptt) , 1890; Collector and Magistrate, N.W. Provinces, 1893; Secretary, Royal Commission on Opium, 1891; Member, Indian Plague Commission, 1898; Secretary, to Government of India (Home Deptt.), 1894-1902; Chief Commissioner, C.P., 1902; Member in charge of (Commerce and Industry Deptt, 1904; Lieutenent Governor, U.P. since 1904; President, Coronation Durbar Committee, 1911; Retd, 1913. Address: c/o India Office, London. Club: Arthur’s.