The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Holland, Com. Gerald Edward

Holland, Com. Gerald Edward, C.I.E., (1900), D.S.O. (1890), retired Marine Superintendent, L. and N.W. Railway, Holyhead: b. Dublin, 1860; 2nd s. of late Denis Holland of Dublin; m. Mary, e.d. of late Edmund Dwyer Gray, 1896; educ: Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire; joined Royal Indian Marine, 1880; Lieutenant, 1882; served with Burma Expeditionary Force, 1887-89 (medal, 2 clasps); Commander, 1898; Chin Lushai Expedition, 1889-90 (claps, despatches, D.S.O.); commanded Royal Indian Marine troopship “Warren Hastings” when that vessel was lost on Reunion Islands 1897; tried by Court Martial, was reprimanded; Viceroy’s Commendatory order containing warm praise published simultaneously with Court-Martial finding; served on Naval Transport Staff, Durban, 1899-1900; Divisional Officer, Naval Transport Staff, (despatches thrice, medal, clasp, C.I.E.), 1900; Principal Port Officer, Rangoon, 1901-4. Recreations: cricket, golf, yachting, motoring. Address . Bryn-y-Mor, Holyhead. Club: Oriental.