The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Hyndman-Jones, Sir William Henry

Hyndman-Jones, Sir William Henry, Kt, (1906); Chief-Justice, Straits Settlements since 1906; b. 1847; educ: Marlborough; Trinity College, Cambridge; called to Bar, Lincoln’s Inn, 1879; acting Senior Police Magistrate, and Commissioner to inquire into administration and working of Police Force, Barbadoes, 1880; acting Judge, Court of Appeal, 1881; Magistrate, 1st District, St. Lucia, 1881; Member, Executive and Legislative Councils, 1881; Delegate to West Indian Telegraph Conference, 1882; acting Chief Justice, St. Lucia and Tobaco, 1883; acting Attorney-General 1888; Member, Windword Court of appeal, 1886; Magistrate and Member, Executive and Legislative Council, Granada, 1887; Resident Magistrate, Westmoreland, Jamaica, 1888; St. Thomas-Ye-East, 1890; St. aotherine, 1891; City and parish of Kingston, 1892; acting Puisne Judge, 1895; acting Attorney-General and Member of Executive Council, 1896; Resident Magistrate for Jamaica 189G: Puisne Judge, Straits Settlements, 1896; acting Judicial Commissioner, Federated Malay States, 1908; Judicial Commissioner, Federated Malay states, 1904; Chief Judicial Commissioner, 1900. Address: Good-wood, Singapore. Club: Albemarle.