The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Janjira, Nawab of

Janjira, Nawab of; H.H. Sir Sidi Ahmad Khan Sidi Ibrahim Khan G.C.I.E.; b. 1862; succeeded to gaddi, 1879; belongs to an Abyssinian family of Sunni Muhammadans and claims descent from Sidi Sarul Khan; regarding the foundation of the State, it is said that an Abyssinian in the service of one of the kings of Ahmednagar, obtained permission to land some 300 boxes of merchandise, while in reality, each box contained a warrior within. After the boxes were duly landed, the Captain, discovered the fraud, but it was too late. The Abyssinian possessed himself of Janjira and it became part of the Bijapur Kingdom. One very note worthy feature in the early history of this State after its subjugation by the Abyssinians, was its succesful resistance offered to the repeated attacks of the Mahrattas under Sambhaji. The British refrained from interfering in the internal administration of this State. Area of the State, 324 Square miles; Population, 89,000; Revenue, 6 lakhs; Address: Janjira, Kathiawar, Bombay Presidency, India.