The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Johnston, Rev. Samuel Henry

Johnston, Rev. Samuel Henry, Chaplain, Hyderabad (D); b, Brixton, England, 1827; educ: at the Grammar School, Brixton; joined service in the Bank of Australia, where he rose to be Head Accountant; resigned, and left for New York, 1858; refused an offer of Accountantship in the then New Bank of New York; became partner with George Stannard of the Brooklyn Mills; served in the war of 1861 by joining the 14th Brooklyn (afterwards the 88th New York Regiment); was sent on Detached Service to protect emigrants to California, 1863-65; Superintendent, Montana Silver Mines Company, 1865-70; Accountant, Cincinati and Ohio Railway, New York City, 1870-72; for Holy Orders at Knoxville, Tennesee, 1872; Lay Reader assigned to district outside Knoxville; commenced a Sunday School and gradually built up a congregation, and the Church of St. Luke; studied Divinity under Doctors Huine and Duncan at the University of Tennesee, 1876-80; ordained Deacon, 1880; was for sometime Incumbent of St. John’s, Knoxville; ordained priest and was in charge of 4 churches; returned to England, and was authorised by the Archbishop of Canterbury to minister in all Churches in England; appointed Chaplain of Cochin, 1883; went on furlough and acted as Curate of St. Lukes, Norwood, 1889; returned to India as Chaplain of St. George’s, Church Madura, 1891-93; Incumbent, All Saints Church, Bangalore, 1891-93; transferred to Hyderabad as Chaplain, 1895. Address: Hyderabad (D), India.