The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Justice, Captain William Adolphus

Justice, Captain William Adolphus, M.B., Sanitary Commissioner, Madras; b. 1870; entered service, 1898; on temporary plague duty at various places from February 1898 to 27th February 1902; Commissioned, 29th January 1902; proceeded to England to undergo a course of study at Netley, 28th Februarv 1902; returned, 24th October 1902: posted to Station Hospital, Secundrabad, 2Gth October 1902: 22nd Madras Infantry, Belgaum, 19th February 1903: 63rd Palamacotta Light Infantry, Vizianagram, 16th June 1903; posted to General Hospital, Madras, December 1905; Special duty in connection with Plague preventive measures, from 12th Feb, to 14th April 1906; Deputy Sanitary Commissioner & Inspector of Vaccination and Professor of Hygiene & Bacteriology, Madras Medical College, April 1906; relieved of the duties at the Medical College, July 1906; confirmed as Inspector of Vaccination and Deputy Sanitary Commissioner, Madras, January 1912; Sanitary Commissioner, Madras, 18th Feb. 1912. Address, The “Baobab”, Cathedral Post, Teynampet, Madras, India.