The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Kashi Nand

Kashi Nand, Risabldar, Rai Bahadur, s. of late Shiv Lai; b, 1858; educ; at Peshawar and Lahore; belogss to a family whose ancestors were Dewans of Durani and were in charge of the Record office of Maharaja Ranjit Singh; entered the 10th. Bengal Lancers, 1880; transferrad to Political department, 1908; Asstt. Political Agent till 1908; Tresaury officer, Hazra since 1908; is a 1st grade Extra Commissioner; Rai Bahadur, 1900; recived the Punjab Frontier Medal, the Royal Victoian medal, and medals for the Durbars of 1903 and 1911; Owns land property in Peshawar. Address: Hazara, N.W.F. Province, India.