The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Kenrick, George Harry Blair

Kenrick, George Harry Blair, L.C. L,L,D,' Advocate-General, Bengal. s. of late George Kenrick, educ: Cheltenham College: holds two first class scholarships of the Middle Temple, 1st class Honorsman of Council of Legal Education and Prizeman of Middle Temple, 1893; Member, South Eastern Circuit; Member, Board of Exminers for Final Bar Examination; Law Examiner, University of London for 4 years: Assistant Legal Advisor to Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs during Hague Conference, 1907, Advocate General, Bengal and Principal Law Officer, Government of India. 1909; Fellow of the Calcutta University, and Member of the Syndicate; 1910; Publications: Strahan and Kinrick’s Digest of Equity, joint Assistant editor of the 18th edition of Rogers on Edecution;many articles in the Encylopoedia of the Laws of England; articles Habeas Corpus in Lord Halsbury’s Laws of England. Address. Calcutta, India; 2, Plowden Buildings, Temple, E.C. Club: Bengal Calcutta.