The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/King, Colonel Walter Gawen

King, Colonel Walter Gawen, M.B. C.M., D.Ph., C.I.E., (1899), I.M.S. (retired); s. of late J. H. King; b. 1851: m. Laura, o.d. of late William Marret; joined I.M.S. 1874; became Colonel, 1906; served with 31st Regt. M.I. and 5th Burmah Regt. Civil Sergeon, 1877 Supt. of Jail, 1878 on Several occasions surgeon to H.E. the Governor of Madras, Professor of Physics, Presidency College, Madras Professor of Hygrene, Madras Medical College Special Sanitary Officer, Madras City Supt. Central Jail, Mandalay Supt. Government Lunatic Asylum. Madras Inspector of Vaccination, and Deputy Sanitary Conimissioner, Madras; on special duty in charge of the Animal Vaccine Dept. Madras, 1891-1892 Sanitary Commissioner for Madras, 1894 Sanitary Commissioner and Inspector-General, Civil Hospitals, Burma, 1906-8 received special thanks of Madras Government for services in the famines of 1876-77 and the famine of 1896-97, “The King Institute of Prventive Medicine” was named after him by the Government of Madras, 1903 Fellow of the Sanitary Institutes. Fellow of the Royal Institute of Public Health, Fellow of the Madra University member, Educational Syndicate, Burma; member of Court of Visitors, India, Institute of Science; awarded Mary Kingsley medal by School of tropical Medicine, Liverpool, 1909. Publications: Simple Sanitary Rules during Cholera Epidemics; the Plague Inspector; official reports of sanitary subjects. Address: Yondercott, Uffculme, North Devon.