The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Kishen Pershad, Sir Maharaja Bahadur, Raja-i-Rajayan, Raja

Kishen Pershad, Sir Maharaja Bahadur, Raja-i-Rajayan, Raja, K.C.I.E. (1903), G.C.I.E. (1910), Prime Minister (retired), Hyderabad (D); b. 1864; educ: first privately, and then at the Madrassa-i-Alia (school for Nobles), Hyderabad; is fond of poetry and constanly composed verses even when he was a boy. In token of appreciation of his proficiency in composing, he was granted the title of “Shagird-i-Khas Asaf” Jah (special pupil of His Highness) a title rarely bestowed on a subject, received his hereditary post of Peishkar, 1892; was made Military Minister; appointed Officiating Prime Minister, 1901; confirmed, 1902; claims descent from Raja Todar Mal. the great Finance Minister of Emperor .Akbar, has become the owner of all the Jagirs of his maternal grandfather; enjoys full civil and criminal powers within his Jaghir. Address: Hvderabad (u), India.