The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Lely, Sir Frederic Styles Philpin

Lely, Sir Frederic Styles Philpin, K.C.I.E., (1905); C.S.I., (1901); b. 1846; s. of late Rev. M. Philpin of Alcester; m. Helen; d. of Rev. Dr. James Mitchell of Poona; educ: Regent's Park College and Pembroke College, Oxford; joined I.C.S., 1869; was Assistant Collector and Magistrate, Talukdari Settlement Officer and Administrator of Sachia State, successively; Administrator of Porbunder State, 1886; Member of Commission to enquire into the working of the Agriculturists’ Relief Act, 1891; Collector and Magistrate, Surat, 1892; Additional Member of the Council of Bombay, since 1839; Member, Imperial Legislative Council, 1903; Chief Commissioner, Central Provinces, 1904; retired, 1905; Member of Royal Commission on Decentralisation, 1907-8; contested (L.) Sevenoaks Division, Kent, 1910. Pubiication: Suggestions for the better governing of India. Address: Sevenoaks, Kent. Club: Albemarle.