The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Lunawada, Rajah of; Maharana Sri Sir Wakhat Singhji

Lunawada, Rajah of; Maharana Sri Sir Wakhat Singhji; K.C.I.E. (1889); b. 1860; succeeded to gaddi, as a minor, 1867; educ: at the Rajkuraar College, Rajkot; formally installed, 1880; has power to try his subjects for capital offences; is entitled to a salute of 9 guns; claims descent from a Rajput dynasty whose ancestors are believed to have established themselves at Virpur long ago; the State came under British control in 1886; area of the State, 388 square miles; population, 60,000; revenue, nearly 2 lakhs; pays a tribute of Rs. 14,232 jointly to the British and the Gaekwar of Baroada. Address: Lunavada, Rewa Kantha Agency, Kathiawar, India.