The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Marsden, Dr. Frederick

Marsden, Dr. Frederick, Dyeing Expert to the Government of Madras, since 1911; educ: Underwent scientific training at the Owen’s College, Victoria University, Manchester, and at the Heidelberg University; was in charge of certain Experimental Works in Bavaria for two years; took a course of training in dyeing at the Leeds University; was employed for some time with a firm which made a speciality with aniline black dyeing; was for some years Abstractor of foreign journals for the Society of Dyers and Colourists and for the Society of Chemical Industry; appointed Dyeing Expert to Madras Government, 1911, for two years; services extended for 3 years, 1913. Publications: Many reports on dyeing in Southern India; articles on dyeing. Address: Madura. Madras Presidency.