The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Mehta, Sir Phirozsha Maherwanji

Mehta, Sir Phirozsha Maherwanji, M.A., C.I.E., (1894), K.C.S.I. , (1904), Bar-at-Law, Bombay; b. at Bombay, 1845; passed B.A., 1864; M.A., 1865; proceeded to England and was there called to the Bar, 1868; returned to India and set up practice in the Bombay High Court; distinguished himself as a lawyer of great ability, in the Tower of Silence Riot case, 1871; read a paper before the East India Association on “the Educa tional System of India”, and another on ‘Municipal Reform’, 1872; entered the Bombay Corporation as Commissioner, 1884; was thrice elected as Chairman of that body; worked for the starting of the Bombay Presidency Association, 18S6; Chairman of the Reception Committee of the Indian National Congress, 1890; elected to the Bombay Legislative Council, 1892; has had the rare privilege of signing in the autograph book of the Princess of Wales, 1906; was elected a Member of Imperial Legislative Council, 1900-02; is a Fellow of the University of Bombay;gave evidence before the Royal Public Services Commission, during the sitting of that body in Bombay, 19:2; enjoyed the rare honor of welcoming Their Imperial Majesties the King Emperor and Queen-Empress, on behalf of the citizens of Bombay, 1911; appointed as Vice-Chancellor, Bombay University, 1915. Address; Bombay, India.