The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Naoroji, Dadabhai

Naoroji, Dadabhai, Bombay; b. 1825; educ: Elphinstone School and College, Bombay; joined service as Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Natural Science, Elphinstone College, Bombay, 1850; Professor of Mathematics, etc., in the same College, 1854; started the Students’ Library and Scientific Society, and a journal under the name of the “Students’ Literary Miscellany”; one of the founders of the Bombay Association, the Framji Institute, the Irani Fund, the Parsi Gymnasium, the Widow Marriage Association, and the Victoria Albert Museum; started “Rast Gafter”, 1851; proceeded to England, 1852; appointed as Professor of Guzerati, University College, London, 1853; returned to Bombay and was presented with an Address and a purse of rupees 30,000, 1869; obtained admission of Indians to Civil Service, 1870; Prime Minister of Baroda, 1874-1885; Member, Corporation of Bombay, 1875-6, and 1881-85; Member, Bombay Legislative Council, 1885; President, 2nd Indian National Congress, 1886; proceeded to England and unsuccessfully contested a seat in the House of Commons for Holborn; returned as Member for Central Finsbury, 1832-95; President, Indian National Congress, 1896; President, the London Indian Society; moved for an enquiry into Indian affairs in the British House of Commons, 1894; defeated Government on the question of Simultaneous Examination; Member, Inter Parliamentary Conference at the Hague, 1891; Member of Royal Commission on Indian Expenditure, 1895; Member, British Committee of the Indian National Congress from 1889; President, Indian National Congress; 1906; proceeded to England, but returned to India under medical advice, 1907. Publications; “Poverty and Un-British Rule in India”, and a large number of speeches and writings contributed to Indian and Continental Papers. Address: Vesava, Bombay, India.