The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Nicholson, Sir Frederick Augustus

Nicholson, Sir Frederick Augustus, C.I.E. (1890), K.C.I.E. (1903), I.C.S. (retired); s. of late Brinsley William H. Nicholson, M.D.; b. 1846; educ: Royal Medical College, Epsom, and Lincoln College, Oxford; m. Catherine, d. of Rev. Lechler, 1875; joined I.C.S., in Madras. 1869; passed through various lower grades; Collector and Magistrate, 1889; Member, Imperial Legislative Council, 1897; 1st Member, Board of Revenue, Madras, 1889; Member, Legislative Council, Madras, 1902; special duty in connection with Madras Fisheries, 1902-04; retired, 1904; made extensive enquiries and submitted elaborate proposals for the establishment of Agricultural Banks in India; Member, Indian Famine Commission, 1901. Publication: District Manual of Coimbatore. Address; Bentley, Egham Hill, Franklingham, Suffolk.