The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Noel-Paton, Frederick

Noel-Baton, Frederick; Director General of Commercial Intelligence, Calcutta; 2nd s. of late Sir Noel Paton, LL.D.; trained as an artist; developed a keen interest in economics; furnished figure illustrations for various books; contributed articles on economics to Blackwood and other Magazines; edited Chaucer for the Canterbury Poets series; became Secretary in the Turkish Embassy; joined Sir Edgar Vincent as his Secretary and with him under took a tour in Europe, Egypt, Arabia, Asia Minor; employed to report on various financial and Industrial projects; came out to India on a mission with the Government of Bombay in connection with contraband trade on the Aden-Arabian Frontier, 1884; joined the Bombay Chamber of Commerce as Assistant to the Secretary of that body; eventually succeeded in getting his present place. Address: Calcutta, India.