The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Palpu, Dr. Padmanaban

Palpu, Dr. Padmanaban, L.M.S. (Madras) D.P.H. (Cantab), F.R.I.P.H.(London),Deputy Sanitary Commissioner and Inspector of Vaccination, Mysore State; b. Trivandram, 1863; educ: Maharaja’s College, Trivandram, and Medical College, Madras; proceeded to England and joined the King’s College, London; studied in Paris, Berlin, Suchbery Lilly, and Rome, taking Bacteriology, Serum therapy and Tropical medicine as his special subject; returned to India and joined service as Medical Superintendent, Vaccine Depot, Madras, 1890; became Senior Superintendent; joined Mysore service and worked the Vaccine Institute at Bangalore, 1891; also worked in St. Martha’s Hospital, Lunatic and Leper Asylums and in the Medical Stores, 1894-98; Superintendent, Bangalore Plague Camps, 1896; deputed to England where he obtained D.P.H. of Cambridge; returned to Bangalore and was posted as Health Officer, 1900; ex-Officio Vice-President,Bangalore Municipality, 1902; Personal Assistant to Sanitary Commissioner, Mysore, 1905-07; Deputy Sanitary Commissioner and Inspector of Vaccination, Mysore. 1907; Member and Secretary, Central Sanitary Board; Member, British Medical Association, London. Address: Bangalore, Mysore State, India.