The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Ramanuja Chariar, Valuttur

Ramanuja Chariar, Valuttur, B.A., Rao Bahadur; b. 1851; educ: Government College, Kumbhakonam; joined service as 4th clerk, Kumbaconam Collectorate; Accountant, Revenue Board’s Office, 1885; became Manager, Revenue Settlement, 1887; Huzur Sheristadar, Madura, 1888; First Assistant, Board of Revenue (Revenue Settlement Dept.), 1889; First Assistant, Revenue Board (Land Records), 1892; First Assistant, Revenue Secretariat, 1902; Secretary to the Commissioner of Revenue Settlement, Board of Revenue, 1903; retired, 1906; Chairman of the Kumbaconam Municipality and is also a Member of the Madras Legislative Council. Address: Kumbaconam, Tanjore District, Madras Presidency, India.