The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Reynolds, Leonard William

Reynolds, Leonard William, C.I.E., (1912). Dy. Secy., Government of India, Forgn. Dept., since 1911. b. 1874; educ: Bradfield College; Exeter College, Oxford (Exhbr.); Oxford Univ. Assn. Football xi, 1896; I.C.S., 1897; Joined Service in India, 1898; Served in U.P. as Asst. Mag. at Allahabad, 1898; First Asst. to Agent to Govr. Genl., Central India, 1905; K-I-H (Gold Medal), 1905. Address: Totteridge House, High Wycombe. Clubs. E.I. United Service; U.S., Simla.