The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Roberts, Sir Frederick Sleigh

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Roberts, Sir Frederick Sleigh Roberts, of Kandahar, Petoria and Waterford, 1st Earl (cr. 1901), Viscount St. Pierre, 1901; 1st Baron 1892, P.C.K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., V.C, K.G., D.C.L., LL.D., Order of Merit; Field Marshal. b. Cawnpore India, 1832; s. of General Sir Abraham Roberts, G.C.B.; m. Nora Henrietta. d. of Captain Bews, 1859; two d.; educ: Eton; Sandhurst, and Addiscombe, D.C.L., Oxford, 1881; Toronto, 1908; LL.D., Dublin 1880; Cambridge, 1893; Adinburgh, 1893; Durham, 1903: Freedom of the cities of London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, Newcastle-on Tyne, Dundee, Waterford. Cardiff, Chesterfield, Windsor, and Durham, and Royal boroughs of Inverness, Wick and Dunbar; 2nd Lieutenant, Bengal Artillery, 1851; Lieutenant, 1851; Captain, 1860; Brev.-Maj. 1860; Brev. Lieut-Col. 1868; Brev. Col. 1875; Major-Genera], 1878; Lieut-General, 1883; General, 1890; Field Marshal, 1895; D.A.Q.M.G, throughout the Indian Mutiny; A.Q.M.G., 1872-75; Q.M.G. in India, 1875-78; Commanded Kurram Field Force, 1878 and 1879-80; Commanded Kabul Kandahar Field Force, 1880; Commanded in Afghanistan, 1880; Commander-in-Chief, Madras, 1881-85; Commander-in-Chief in India, 1885-93; Cammander of the Forces in Ireland, 1895; served throughout the siege and capture of Delhi (wounded 14th July, horse shot, 14th Sept. 1857); actions of Bulandshahr (horse shot) Aligarh, Agra, Kanouj (horse wounded) and Bantharra; throughout operations connected with the Relief of Lucknow; battle of Cawnpore resulting in defeat of Gwalior Contingent; action of Khadaganj and re-occupation of Fategarh; storming of Mianganj; operations connected with the siege of Lucknow; storming of Laloo, capture of Umbyala and destruction of Malka; Abyssinian expedition, 1867-68; Lushai Expedition, 1871-72; capture of Kholel Villages and attack on Murtlang range; Commanded Kurram Field Force at the capture of Peiwar Kotal; occupation of Khost and reconnaissance up to Kurram river. Commanded Field Force at the battle of Charasia; Capture of the City of Kabul; and throughout operations in and around Shurpur; Commanded Army in Burma, 1886; received thanks of both Houses of Parliament, 1879 and 1881; thanked on several occasions by Government of India, and mentioned 23 times in despatches before the campaign in Afghanistan; Commander of the forces in Ireland, 1895-99; Commander-in-Chief, South Africa, 1899-1900; relieved Kimberley, 1900; took Commandant Cronje and the western Army as prisoners, 1900; received thanks of both Houses of Parliament; 1902 (cr. Earl and K.G., medal with 6 clasps); Commander-in-Chief, 1901-04; Member of the Imperial Defence Committee, 1904-5; awarded 2nd sword at the Coronations of late Emperor Edward VII and the present Emperor George V; represented the British Army at Tercentinary, celebration Quebec 1908; Special Envoy to foreign Courts to announce accession of Emperor George V, 1910. Publications: Rise of Wellington; Forty One years in India; Heir: d. Lady Aileen Mary Roberts. Recreation: hunting, bicycling. Address: Englemere, Ascot. Clubs: United Service, Athenaeum, Savage, Royal Aero.