The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Sahai, Jwala

Sahai, Jwala, Census Superintendent, Jhalawar State (Retd.) b. 1838; s. of Lalla Kripa Krishna; educ: at Ulwar, and at the Government College, Delhi; Tutor and Private Secretary to the Raja of Khetri; Civil and Criminal Judge, Khetri, 1859-70; Superintendent, P.W.D., Bharpur State, 1879; Civil and Criminal Judge, and Private Secretary to Maharaja of Oodeypore, 1879-80; in the Jaipur State, 1880-8; Mir Munshi of the State Council, Jaipur, 1880-88; Census Superintendent, Jaipur, 1881; in the Jhalawar State 1889-95; Census Superintendent, Jhalawar State, 1889-95; for some time President, Theosophical Society, Jaipur; retired, 1905. Publications: translation of Aitchison’s treaties into Urdu; annals of Rajaputana in Urdu; the history of Bhurtpore in English; the Loyal Rajaputana, a Record of the services of the Rajputana Chiefs to the British Government; and a history of Rajputana from the time of the advent of the British into Rajaputana. Address: Ulwar, Rajaputana, India.