The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Shadilal

Shadilal, Rai Bahadur, M.A , Temporary Additional Judge, Chief Court, Punjab; b. 1874; educ: M.B. High School, Rewari, and Government College, Lahore; was awarded the Government of India scholarship; proceeded to England and joined the Oxford University and was admitted into the Balliol College, 1895; carried ofi all the prizes for which he competed; studied Law at Oxford and got Honours in B.A. and B.C.L. examinations and at the latter (B.C.L. examination) he was the best student of his year at Oxford; returned to India, 1899; began to practice at Lahore; Lecturer, Lahore Law College; acted as Principal several times; Fellow, Punjab University for 18 years and represented that body in the Legislative Council; Member of the Punjab Text-book Committee; President, the Punjab Hindu Conference held at Delhi; Mr. Shadilal’s work in the Select Committee of the Punjab Legislative Council has always been on the side of progress; he was the one member who had the courage to characterise the Municipal Bill (since passed into an Act) as a reactionary measure and sternly declined to give his vote for its final passage. Address: Lahore, India.