The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Sladen, Major-General Sir John Ramsay

Sladen, Major-General Sir John Ramsay, K.C.B. (1907), Indian Army, (retd.); b. 1843: s. of General Sir Marcus Sladen; educ: at Woolwich; entered the Royal Artillery, 1861; served in Bazaar Valley Expedition, 1878; Afghan Campaign, 1879-80; Commanded a battery at the battles of Maiwand, and Khandahar; Transvaal Campaign, 1881-82; Military Attache at Rome, 1887-95; in Abyssinia with Italian troops; A.D.C. to Queen Victoria, 1890-99; Commanded R.A. in N.E. District; Commanded British troops in Egypt since 1903; Gentlemen-Usher to late Emperor Edward VII, 1905-10; and to Emperor George V, from 1910. Address: 8, Loundes Street, S.W. Club: United Service.