The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Tagore, Abanindra Nath

Tagore, Abanindra Nath, C.I.E.; Vice-Principal, Government School of Art, Calcutta, since 1905; Zemindar of Shahzadpur, Bengal; b. 1871; s. of Goonendranath Tagore; g.g.s. of Dwarka Nath Tagore of Jorasank; educ: At home and at the Sanskrit College, Calcutta; distinguished painter; has taken much interest in reviving Indian artist; has trained many students in his branch of study; among his works of art are:- Designs for Memorial Address to Lady Cu zon, Casket presented to His Majesty the King-Emperor by the Calcutta Corporation and the Carmichael medal. Book Illustration:- Omar Khayyam (in Colours); Rabindranath Tagore’s Crescent Moon; and Sister Nivedita’s Myths and Legends of India; Painted Water-Colour picture of Asoka’s Queen for Her Majesty the Queen-Empress; has exhibited at most art Exhibitions in India and won medals and first prizes; Trustee, Indian Museum, and keeper of Art Gallery, Calcutta; Member of Art Advisory Committee to Government of Bengal. Publications: Short Stories from Sanskrit Literature; Annals of Rajasthan, etc.; many articles in monthly periodicals. Address: 5, Dwarkanath Tagore’s Lane, Calcutta.