The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Temple, Richard Carnac

Temple, Lieut.-Colonel Sir Richard Carnac, 2nd. Bt. (or 1876), C.I.E., (1894), I.A. (Retired), b. Allahabad, 1850; s. of Sir Richard Temple, Bart; succeeded to Baronetcy, 1902; educ: at Harrow; and Trinity Hall, Cambridge; joined service in the Army,1871; transferred to Indian Staff Corps, 1877; served in Afghan War, 1878-79; Burmese War,1887-89: Cantonment Magistrate, Punjab, 1879; Cantonment Magistrate, Mandalay, 1877; Deputy Commissioner, 1888, Special duty with Government of India in connection with Cantonment Regulations, 1890; President, Rangoon Municipality, and Port Commissioner, Rangoon, 1891; Chief Commissioner, Andamans, 1894-1904; retired, 1904; J.P. and D.L. for Worcestershire; Director, St. John Ambulance Association and Knight of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Member of many learned and Scientific Societies and whose Journals he has Contributed. Publications: Joint Author, Andamanese Language and Wide-Awake Stories; Legends of the Punjab (2 vols.); Edited “Fallon’Dictionary of Hindustani Proverbs”, Burnell’s Devil worship of the Tuluwas, etc., etc. Editor and proprietor of the Indian Antiquary, since 1884. Address: the Nash, near Worcester. Club: Carlton Naval and Military.