The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Thomson, Lieut.-Colonel Samuel John

Thomson, Lieut.-Colonel Samuel John, C.I.E. (1898), I.M.S. (retired); s. of J. B. Thomson of Ramsgate, Kent; b. 1853; educ: St. John’s College, Hurstpeirpoint; St. Mary’s Hospital, London; Fellow, Royal Institute of Public Health; joined the Indian Medical Service, 1877; served in the Afghan War, 1880; Member, Leprosy Commission, 1890; on special duty in South Africa as Director, Burgher Camps, Transvaal (Medal and two Clasps and despatches, 1903); principally devoted to Sanitary Science and Epidemiological inquiries; Surgeon-Major, 1889; Sanitary Commissioner, United Provinces; Member, Royal College of Surgeons; Diplomatic in State Medicine, University of Cambridge. Publications: Sanitary Principles, more especially as applied to India: the Transvaal Burgher Camps; The Silent India; The Real Indian People. Recreations: Shooting, Golf, Fishing. Address: South Bank, Tankerton, Whitstables.