The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Toker, Major-General Sir Alliston Champion

Toker, Major-General Sir Alliston Champion, K.C.B., (1906); C.B., (1887); b. 1843; s. of Philip Champion Toker; educ: Victoria College, Jersey; entered the Bengal Army, 1860; Major General, 1897; served in Bhutan Expedition, 1864-65; Egyptian Expedition, 1882; present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir; served in Burma War,1886-87; in Command of 18th Infantry, Bengal Cantonment Magistrate, N.W.P., 1876-81; Deputy Secretary, Government of India (Military Department), 1887-93; Superintendent of Army Clothing, Bengal, 1892-97; passed Higher Examination in Oriental Languages; Translator of Professional Text-books for use in Native Armies in India. Publications: Translations of several Military Text-books into the Urdu, Hindi, and Gurmukhi languages. Address: 77, Waldeck Avenue, Bedford.