The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Wacha, Dinshaw Edulji

Wacha, Dinshaw Edulji, Bombay; b. 1844; educ: Elphinstone College; joined his father in business at an early age; after a short time, joined the Bank of Bombay; then joined the firm of Messrs. Brady and Wilson, Public Accountants, Bombay, and was of considerable help in the winding up of a large number of banks, etc. which collapsed owing to the American War of 1861-65; joined the Cotton Industry, 1875; Managing Agent of the Morarji Gokuldoss and Sholapur Mills; Member, Bombay Corporation; Member, Improvement Trust Board; Member, Millowners’ Association; Trustee, Victoria Technical Institute; Secretary, Bombay Presidency Association; Secretary, Indian National Congress Committee, Bombay; Editor of the English columns of the Kaiser-i-Hind; gave evidence before the Welby Commission, 1897; President, Bombay Corporation, 1901; President, Indian National Congress, 1901; Advocate for establishment of the Agricultural Banks in India on the lines of those in Egypt; Honorary Secretary, Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute, Bombay, since 1908; Trustee, Elphinstone College, Bombay; His work as Secretary of the Congress Committee will long be remembered for the way in which he smoothed over the many unfortunate differences in the Congress circles after the lamented death of Mr. A. O. Hume. Publications: Life of Premchand Roychand; Recent Indian Finance; Indian Military expenditure; Indian Railway Finance; The Rise and Growth of Bombay Municipal Government; The Life and Life Work of J. N. Tata; Address: Jiji House, Bavelin Street, Fort, Bombay.