The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/White, John Claude

White, John Claude, C.I.E. (1904), Indian Army (retired); s. of Dr. John White, I.M.S.; b. 1853; educ: Rugby, Bonn and Cooper’s Hill; entered the Bengal P.W.D., 1876; Political Officer, Sikkim, 1889; Executive Engineer, 1890; Commissioner, Tibet Mission, 1903-04; Political Agent for Sikhim Bhutan, and Tibetan Affairs, 1905-08; m. Nina; d. of Lieut.-Col. G. Rankin. Publications: Sikhim and Bhutan, Experience of Twenty Years on the N.E. frontier of India. Address: The Cottage Newland, Coleford, Gloucestershire; 65, Redcliffe Gardens, S.W.