The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Wilson, Sir James

Wilson, Sir James, M.A., K.C.S.I., (1909), C.I.S. (1901). Superintendent, Board of Agriculture; s. of Rev. John Wilson, D.D. of Dunning, Perthshire; b. 1853; educ: Perth Academy, Edinburgh University; and Balliol College, Oxford; entered I.C.S. in the Punjab, 1875; became Deputy Commissioner, 1800; Officiating Chief Secretary to Government, 1898; Settlement Commissioner, and M.L.C., Punjab, 1899; Secretary to Government of India, 1903; Financial Commissioner, Punjab, 1907; retired, 1910; Superintending Inspector, Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, 1911; m. Annie Campbell, d. of Rev. Norman Macleod, D.D., 1888. Publications: Gazetteer of Shahpur District; Grammar of Western Punjabi; Settlement reports; Code of Trival Custom in Shahpur and in Sirsa. Address: 59, Cadogan Square, S.W. Club: Calidonian.