The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart (1901)/Chapter 40



While I speak thus, it appears to me as if there were a strange light around me. The small pictures that I had previously seen partly effaced and broken, I now beheld intact, clear, and beautiful; for thus did they now appear to move before mine eyes. The scattered and broken wheels also were joined together, and out of them was formed a noble instrument similar to a clock, which showed the course of the world, and God's wondrous guidance. The ladders also had been repaired and placed against the windows, through which the heavenly light penetrated, so that—as I understood—one could look outward. The wings, also, that I had seen with plucked plumes had received a new large plumage, and He who was speaking to me—our Lord—took them and fastened them on to me, and said: "My son, I dwell in two spots, in heaven in my glory, and on earth in the hearts of the humble. And I desire that henceforth thou also shouldst have two dwelling-places, one here at home, where I have promised to be with thee; the other with me in heaven. That thou mayest raise thyself thither, I give thee these wings (which are the desire of eternal happines and prayer). If thou dost will it, thou shalt be able to fly upward unto me, and thou shalt have delight in me, and I in thee."