The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart (1901)/Chapter 53



When I had spoken thus, my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, from the centre of His throne, spake these delightful words: "Be not afeard, my dear one. I am with thee, thy Redeemer and Comforter, therefore be not afeard. Thy misdeed has been taken from thee, and thy sin has been purged. Rather be glad and rejoice, for thy name is written down among those of the elect; if thou servest me faithfully thou wilt be as one of them. Whatever thou hast seen, use it in fear of me, and thou wilt behold yet greater things. Be careful of those things only for which I have called thee, and walk on that path to glory which I have shown thee. Abide in the world as long as I leave thee in it, as a pilgrim, a stranger, a foreigner, a guest; but remain with me as a member of my household. I give unto thee the citizenship of heaven. Be therefore careful in the world. Have a mind that is—as much as possible—lifted both upward to me and kindly downward to thy fellow-men. Use, then, worldly things as long as thou art there, but rejoice in heavenly ones only. Be compliant to me only, adverse and refractory to the world and the flesh. Guard within thee the wisdom that I have granted thee, and outwardly the simplicity that I have counselled thee; have a resounding heart, but a silent tongue. Be tender in thy feeling for the suffering of others, but hardy against the wrong that may befall thee. Serve with thy soul me alone, with thy body him whom thou canst or must. What I order thee thou must do; the burden I lay on thee thou must bear. Be to the world unbending, and cling ever to me. Let thy body be in the world, thy heart with me. If thou wilt but act thus, thou wilt be blessed, and wilt fare well. Proceed, then, my dear son, and remain true to thy calling until thy end, but gladly enjoy the solace to which I have led thee."