The Lady Pike (96 U.S. 461)

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United States Supreme Court

96 U.S. 461

The Lady Pike

APPEAL from the Circuit Court of the United States for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

This is an appeal from the decree of the court below in the execution of the mandate of this court in The Lady Pike (21 Wall. 1), where the former decree was reversed, and the cause remanded for further proceedings in conformity with the opinion.

The facts are stated and the assignment of errors set out in the opinion of the court.

Mr. James H. Davidson, for the appellants, cited the following authorities in support of the respective assignments of error:--

First assignment: Lane v. Townsend, 1 Ware, 289; The Ship Empire and Cargo, 1 Ben. 19; The Union, 4 Blatchf. 90; The White Squall, id. 103; Carroll et al. v. The Steamboat T. P. Leathers, Newb. Adm. 432; Gaines v. Travis, 1 Abb. Adm. 297. Second assignment: The White Squall, supra. Third assignment: Whitwell et al. v. Burnside, 1 Metc. (Mass.) 39; Morgan v. Morgan, 4 Gill & J. (Md.) 395; McCluskey v. Cromwell, 11 N. Y. 593; Sawyer v. Oakman, 11 Blatchf. 65; Miller v. Stewart, 9 Wheat. 681; Smith v. United States, 2 Wall. 219; Leggett et al. v. Humphreys, 21 How. 66; United States v. Boyd et al., 15 Pet. 187; United States v. Boecker, 21 Wall. 652; Smith v. Huesman, Cent. Law Jour., Dec. 7, 1877, No. 23, p. 492; The Ann Caroline, 2 Wall. 538; The Harriet, 1 Rob. Adm. 183; Myres et al. v. Parker, 6 Ohio St. 501. Fourth assignment: Carpentier v. Minturn, 65 Barb. (N. Y.) 293, and authorities there cited; Allen v. Malcolm, 12 Abb. (N. Y.) Pr. 335; Mahaney v. Penman, 4 Duer (N.Y.), 603; Shields v. Thomas, 18 How. 253; Watson v. The Cabot Bank, 5 Sandf. (N. Y.) 423; Murray v. Vanderbilt, 39 Barb. (N. Y.) 148. Fifth assignment: McGovney v. The State of Ohio, 20 Ohio, 83; Grant v. Naylor, 4 Cranch, 224.

The court declined to hear counsel for the appellees.

MR. JUSTICE CLIFFORD delivered the opinion of the court.


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