The Little Book of the Most Holy Child Jesus/Confession


Before going to Confession, be sure to make a careful examination of your conscience. Do this, if possible, alone and in quiet; or do it in the church—there is no better place.

Beg light from God the Holy Ghost to see yourself, as far as may be, as you are in His sight. Call to mind all the sins of deed, word, thought, and omission that you have been guilty of since your last Confession.

If you have examined your conscience daily you will not find this difficult. You may make your examination after the way suggested at page 14.

Remember that through the priest you make your confession to Him who will, you know not how soon, be your great Judge, from whom nothing is hidden, who knows you through and through, not only your words and acts, but your most secret thoughts and the hidden motives of your heart.


Thou, O God, hast created me out of nothing, redeemed me by the Precious Blood of Thy only Son, taken care of me until this hour, and loaded me with blessings. I depend each moment for all things upon Thee, who keepest me in being; and yet I have been unmindful of Thee, and have offended against Thee. How many times I have sinned against Thee I know not, nor can I know, unless Thou grantest me Thy light to see myself as I am before Thee. Give me grace to see the state of my soul, and the number and greatness of my sins.

Give me this grace, O Lord, and the grace also to be truly sorry for my offences from my inmost heart. Give me a lively faith in the mercy of my dear Redeemer, and teach me to detest all my past sins and my ingratitude, and to make a firm purpose of amendment, and a sincere resolution to begin a new life.

Blessed Mary, Mother of my Saviour, refuge of sinners, pray for me that through the Passion of Thy Son I may have the happiness to make a good confession.

Then make your examination.


Touch my heart with true sorrow, O Lord, for having so often carelessly and even wilfully offended against Thee, who lovest me so much, and who hast done with untiring love so much for me. Let my repentance be sincere, that I may escape eternal punishment, and may it produce in me the fruit of a new life, to the salvation of my soul and the glory of Thy holy Name.


From the Catechism.

O my God, who art infinitely good and always hatest sin, I beg pardon from my heart for all my offences against Thee; I detest them all, and am heartily sorry for them, because they offend Thy infinite goodness; and I firmly resolve, by the help of Thy grace, never more to offend Thee, and carefully to avoid the occasions of sin.

Or the Act of Contrition on page 16.

If your Confessor should ask you to repeat an Act of Contrition, you may say the one above from the Catechism.

Listen attentively to his advice, and make a sincere Act of Contrition, as he gives you holy Absolution.

Then go and, kneeling down, say your penance and make use of the following prayers:

Merciful Father in Heaven, may this my confession be acceptable to Thee. Be mindful of the merits and prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Peter, and Saint Paul, and all the Saints; and whatever has been wanting, either in my contrition or my confession, do Thou supply, through the Death and Passion of Jesus Christ our Lord.


I return to Thee and give Thee hearty thanks, Lord Jesus, that Thou hast been pleased to absolve me from my sins and to wash me in Thy Precious Blood.

Thou castest out none that sincerely come to Thee, but receivest them into Thy favour and numberest them among Thy children. I thank and adore Thee for Thy mercy and goodness to me; and I give myself wholly to Thy service for the time to come. Without Thee I can do nothing. Assist my weakness, and suffer me not again to fall into sin, which separates me from Thee, and which I now am resolved to hate with my whole heart. Bind my heart and soul to Thee with the cords of love, that I may never fall away and suffer Thy just and dreadful punishment in hell.