The Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets/John Webster

This Author was Clerk of St. Andrew's Parish in Holbourn, as he was Contemporary with Decker, Marston, and Rowley; so he join'd with 'em in several Plays, besides several he writ himself; as,

Appius and Virginia, a Tragedy, 4to. 1659. acted at the Duke's Theatre. There are more Editions than one of this Play, and has been reviv'd and alter'd by Mr. Betterton. For the Plot see Livii Hist. Florus, &c.

The Devil's Law-Case; or, When Women go to Law, the Devil is full of Business, a Tragi-Comedy, 4to. 1623. acted by her Majesty's Servants, and dedicated to Sir Tho. Finch. Plot in part from Skenkii Observat. Medic. p. 27. Goulart's Histoires Admirabiles de nôtre Temps, Tom. I. and V. Maximus, lib. 1. cap. 8.

The Dutchess of Malfey, a Tragedy, 4to. 1623. and 1678. first acted privately at Black-Fryars, then publickly at the Globe, by his Majesty's Servants; and dedicated to the Right Honourable, George, Lord Barkley. Reviv'd and acted at the Duke of York's Theatre. Plot from Bandello's Novels, Nov. 19. Goulart, Hist. Admirab. p. 226. Beard's Theatre of God's Judgments, Book 2. Ch. 24.

The White Devil; or, The Tragedy of P. Giordano Ursini, Duke of Brachiano, with the Life and Death of Vittoria Coromboma, the Famous Venetian Curtezan; 4to. 1612. and 1665. first acted at the Phænix in Drury-Lane, by the Queen's Majesty's Servants, and since reviv'd and acted at the Theatre Royal, by his Majesty's Servants.

In these two following Plays our Author was assisted by Mr. Rowley.

A Cure for a Cuckold, a Comedy, 4to. 1661. This was several Times formerly acted with great Applause.

The Thracian Wonder, 4to. 1661. our Authors call this a Comical History, several times acted with great Applause.