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Lyra Davidica/The Lord's Prayer paraphras'd

The Lord's Prayer paraphras'd.

<< \new Staff \relative c'' { \time 3/2 \key c \major \override = #'classical
  \partial 4 c4 | c4. d8 c4. d8 c4. d8 | c4 g2. r4 r8 e'8 | e4. f8 e4. f8 
  e4. g8 | e4 c2. r2 | g'2 f e | a f1 | e (e4) r4 \bar "||" }
\addlyrics { Our good & U -- ni -- ver -- sal Pa -- rent \markup { \concat { y \super t } } dwells in heav'n of heav'ns trans -- pa -- rent \markup { \concat { in \super [1] } } Em -- py -- re -- an flames }
\new Staff \relative f { \clef bass \key c \major \omit Staff.TimeSignature \override = #'classical
  \partial 4 c4 | c4. b8 c4. b8 a4 g | c e8 g [e c] a' [g] f [e d c] | c'4  a8 b c4 a 
  g8 [a b] g | c4 c8 [c a f] d' [c] b [a g f] | e2 d c | f, g1 | c (c4) r4 \bar "||" } >>

Transcribed lyrics(not individually listed)

Our good & Universal Parent
yt dwells in heav'n of heav'ns transparent
in [1] Empyrean flames

The Amen

<< \new Staff \relative f'' { \time 3/2 \key c \major \omit Staff.TimeSignature \override = #'classical
  \partial 4 d4 | e2. r4 r4 g,4 | c2. r4 r4 e4( | e8 [g e c] b [d g, d'] a [c f e] | d [c f e] d1) | c1. 
  g'2 (f e | a f1) | e1. \bar "||" }
\addlyrics { A -- men A -- men A -- men A -- men. }
\new Staff \relative f { \clef bass \key c \major \omit Staff.TimeSignature \override = #'classical
  \partial 4 g4 | c4 (c8) [c a f] d' [c] b [a g f] | e4 (e8) [g e c] a' [g] f [e d c] | c'2 g f | e4 d8 [c] g'2 g, | c4 (c8) c' [a f] d' [c] b [a g f] |
  e2 d c | f, g1 | c1. } >>

Transcribed lyrics(not individually listed)

Amen Amen Amen Amen.



BE Glorified in thy Creation;
In ev'ry Tongue, in ev'ry Nation,
Resounding thy blest Name.


Send us the [2] Day Star of the Morning;
And thy Triumphant Spouse Adorning,
Thy Glorious Kingdom come.


No more our Wills, no more our Passions;
No more our Lusts, nor our fond Fashions.
Thy only Will be done.


As Heavenly Powers to us conveying,
So all the Powers on Earth obeying
Thy Sovereign Word alone.


With daily Food in Strength Renew us;
And with thy Heavenly Grace bedew us,
The Bread by which we Live.


And of thy own Free Grace Relieve us;
Our Trespasses and Sins forgive us;
As others we Forgive.


And lead us not into Temptation:
But be from Evil our Salvation,
And from its Author.


Thine is the Kingdom, thine the Glory,
The Pow'r as found in Ancient Story,
And shall be Evermore.

  1. Belonging to the Highest Heaven
  2. The Spirit for Preparation of the Kingdom.