The Merry Muses of Caledonia/Logan Water


"An old song which appears in Herd's Collection. Referring to it, Burns writes to Thomson (April 7, 1793)—"I remember two ending lines of a verse in some of the old songs of 'Logan Water' (for I know a good many different ones) which I think pretty—

"'Now my dear lad maun face his faes,
Far, far frae me and Logan Braes.'"

The Logan burn, the Logan braes,
I helped a bonie lassie on wi' her claes;
First wi' her stockings an' syne wi' her shoon,
But she gied me the glaiks when a' was done.

But an I had ken'd what I ken now,
I wad a' bang'd her belly fu';
Her belly fu' and her apron up,
An' shew'd her the road to the Logan Kirk,