The Merry Muses of Caledonia/The Lassie Gath'ring Nits


Tune"O the broom."

An old song.

There was a lass, and a bonie lass,
A gath'ring nits did gang;
She pu'd them heigh, she pu'd them laigh,
She pu'd them whare they hang.
Till tir'd at length, she laid her down,
An' sleept the wood amang;
When by there cam three lusty lads,
Three lusty lads an' strang.
The first did kiss her rosy lips,
He thought it was nae wrang;
The second lous'd her bodice fair,
Fac'd up wi' London whang.
An' what the third did to the lass,
Is no' put in this sang;
But the lassie wauken'd in a fright,
An' says, I hae sleepit lang.