The Merry Muses of Caledonia/The Yellow, Yellow Yorlin'


Tune—"Bonnie beds of roses," or rather "The Collier Laddie."

An old song.

It fell on a day, in the flow'ry month o' May,
All on a merry, merry morning,
I met a pretty maid, an' unto her I said,
I wad fain fin' your yellow, yellow yorlin'.

O no, young man, says she, you're a stranger to me,
An' I am my faither's darlin',
I am herding his ewes that's feedin' in the howes,
An' ye maunna touch my yellow, yellow yorlin'.

But if I lay you down upon the dewy ground,
You wad na be the waur ae farthin';
An' your faither, honest man, he never cou'd ken
That I play'd wi' your yellow, yellow yorlin'.

O fie, young man, says she, I pray you let me be,
I wad na for five pound sterling;
My mither wad gae mad, an' sae wad my dad,
If you play'd wi' my yellow, yellow yorlin'.

But I took her by the waist, an' laid her down in haste,
For a' her squakin' an' squalin';
The lassie soon grew tame, an' bade me come again
For to play wi' her yellow, yellow yorlin'.