The Moon and the Cap

The Moon and the Cap  (2007) 
by Noni

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The Moon
The Cap

Written by Noni

Illustrated by Angie & Upesh

The Moon and The Cap by Nani
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First English Edition: 2007

Illustrations: Angie & Upesh

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The Moon


The Cap

Written by

Illustrated by
Angie & Upesh

All of us went to the Dasara fair.

Papa bought Chintu fancy glasses. Mother bought me a bright blue cap. The baby got sugar candy.

On the way home, a very strong wind came. It blew my cap away.

My cap got stuck on a branch of the old Pipal tree.

I cried a lot. And I did not eat my dinner.

Later that night, the moon came up.
It looked at my cap on the old Pipal tree.

It tried on my cap. The moon smiled happily.
I had to smile too.

After school the next day, my mother gave me a shiny new red cap. “The moon sent it,” she said.

That night, both the moon and I wore our caps and smiled. We were happy.

Do you think the sun needs a hat?

Guess which cap I am wearing today!

Hello, my name is Sonam Sonkar. I’m in class 8 and dream of being an engineer.
I enjoy kathak and also love beautiful clothes.
Thank you for buying this book. My friends and I will get to read many more books in our library because you bought this book.

Noni is the pen name of a writer residing in Bangalore.
She works in the field of education.

Angie is a graphic designer and in her spare time loves to keep busy with ceramic.
Upesh is an animator who collects graphic novels and catches up with odd films in his spare time.
Together they form ‘The Other Design Studio’.

Do you like to wear a cap on a sunny day?
Find out who else likes to wear a cap in this charming book.

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